The Westdeutsche Landesbank in Zurich. The entrance hall of the Westdeutsche Landesbank, whose Zurich branch is located in a building dating from the Victorian era, was altered in the context of a larger renovation. The alteration was intended to give expression to the banking institute's new business concept. Changes in banking have transformed the function of the so-called banking hall. The tradition of customer counter service belongs more and more to the past - a development that also has architectural consequences. The banking hall above all met security precautions, and has been replaced by a reception area that radiates transparency and elegance. The customer counter of the new reception area consists of a strictly geometrical and elongated object that has been situated parallel to the window frontage. The necessary banking infrastructure, two comfortable workplaces with EDP, alarm system etc. have been integrated into the compact form. Taken together with the reverse-sided closet bank with sliding doors made of dark nut-wood veneer, an abstract ensemble is created: only the grain of the nut-wood veneer enlivens the smooth surfaces. The warm charisma of the wooden object, which has been left mat, stands in exciting contrast to the large dark green slabs of marble. In the customer reception area the room is higher and marked by a luxurious generosity. Etched glass pictures by Hugo Suter and Rolf Winnewisser have been mounted along the round-arched windows that face the street and which provide good lighting conditions.

Andreas Fuhrimann in collaboration with Christian Karrer