Wooden house Ursula Weber in Weinfelden, Thurgau. The nearby farmhouses are elongated building volumes with cantilevered splayed roofs. The new building borrows this alignment, the elongated form, and thematises the cantilevered canopies by means of a verandah which is cut into the otherwise compact building. The house basically consists of a single space which can be partitioned with flexible sliding doors. Almost all of the rooms are arranged on the ground floor. Only a small guest room and a room with the technical servicing are on the first floor, accessible by a staircase. They structure the space and form low spatial zones which contain the entrance area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The incised verandah creates an S-formed, fluid living room which at points takes on a considerable height. As a part of this, the office/studio area can be additionally partitioned with sliding doors as a guest room, if so wished. Facing west a wooden terrace has been placed in front of the house where the evening sun can be enjoyed and where a textile awning has been used as a sun blind. In principle the construction is a fluid spatial continuum that can be partitioned with sliding doors, inspired by Japanese wooden houses. The incised verandah creates an interior ledge on which wonderful objects can be presented. The new house is conceived as being made entirely of wood with a metal sheet roof. To reduce costs it was built in prefabricated elements. Window vents were built in which guarentee a permanent circulation of air without a loss of energy. Thuja wood nuggets or other aromatic woods can be built in the vents to provide a comfortable climate to the room.