Loft Susan Connor. The loft is in a back courtyard building at Hardturmstrasse 68, directly on the river Limmat. The backyard house is a three-storey industrial building that was built in 1944, replacing a storage shed. A conversion and extension took place in 1999 in the process of a renovation and redevelopment of the former industrial complex Hardturmstrasse 66/68 that now calls itself Zurich-Paris. All the partitioning walls were removed from the 120-m2 floor and the static structural system was exposed (3 central supports with joists above them). The aim was to use specific built-in elements to allow the space as a whole to become tangible, but simultaneously to define the various zones. The main intervention was the bathroom with the surrounding body composed of a kitchen/bath tub combination. The bathroom is accessible from two directions on its sides and therefore distances itself from the façade. The WC and shower are each so placed in niches that they can be naturally lighted from above. The kitchen/bath tub combination in light blue synthetic resin and with a continuous chrome steel covering combines itself volumetrically with the light beige body behind it (raw white plaster). The continuous, jointless cast plastic-wood flooring and the raw white plastered walls bring the room together as a whole and simultaneously refer to the industrial origins of the building. The wardrobe/bedroom furniture and a cupboard front are made of scumbled chipboard and act as spatial dividing elements.