Residential estate in Binz, Zurich. The study consisted of constructing residential buildings on a 6,000-m2 parcel of land on a gently sloping hillside. We decided upon a granular building development, i.e. five identical single volumes with square plans that were so positioned as to allow cross vistas. The building restrictions permitted two storeys and a roof flat. Nevertheless, the arrangement of the roof flat created a three-storey appearance. The apartment plans followed a pattern of encapsulation and intertwinement of the individual flats with each other that guaranteed each an optimal amount of sunlight and view. On each floor the smaller apartment could be connected to the larger apartments if so wished, so that the three apartments could be transformed into two. The building, sequenced with the slope, and the terraced volume with the projecting oriels constitute a whole with a lively silhouette. This gives the development a specific identity when taken together with the colourfulness of the volumes.