Conversion and extension of an attic flat in Kastenienbaum near Lucerne. The attic flat conversion is on Lake Lucerne under the tiled roof of a multi-family house built in the typical rural style of the region. The existing structure of the building was respected as a matter of principle and the typical tripartite division of the plan left intact. Only the staircase was more sensibly placed. The largest intervention is the dormer with pent roof extended along the entire width of the roof. Due to the continuous storey-high glass balcony doors the flat gains a strong connection to the natural surroundings, to Lake Lucerne and to the magnificent mountain landscape. An important concern was the clear and succinct design of each individual room and the balanced play of the vertical walls and the sloping roof panes. The residual space, i.e. the badly utilisable surfaces in the jamb wall areas, was used logically - on the one hand as cupboard surfaces or storage spaces and on the other as air space added to the rooms below such as the kitchen or the bathroom. The intermediate floors were also removed in the living room and the dining area to achieve more height. The scale of these rooms forms an exciting contrast to the finer differentiation in the detail of the external appearance. In the interior a reduction and minimalisation of the architectural means, a materialisation and a choice of colours were striven for to react to the spatial complexity created by the roof structure and the transverse ridge dormer. The flat was entirely surfaced in raw plastering, an effect that created a unified character and is underscored in turn by the oak parquet that stretches from the living storey up the staircase into the bedroom storey. The joinery in the kitchen was executed in MDF and painted Pompeii red. The bathroom and the separate WC are clad with black glass mosaic.