Canopies for an existing garage shed for lorries in Othmarsingen. In order to protect the glazed garage doors of the repair shop from corrosion two identical steel canopies (on the south-western and north-eastern façades) were constructed with "Profilit" glass covering. Each garage door received its own canopy, but both canopies, taken together with the shed as a whole, constitute a unit. The constructive principle of the serial canopy elements consists of a frame construction of RHS hollow sections. Each individual canopy element is screwed to the existing steel supports of the shed with pull rods. Folded metal sheeting is affixed to them to create spatial box mouldings and to hold the "Profilit" glazing. "Profilit" is a standardised construction element with outstanding static properties. The use of the U-shaped "Profilit" glass allows an extensive glazing without sashes, furnishes a simple and cheap finish and provides an interesting architectural solution. The deliberately massive steel furring strips accentuate the delicacy of the glass and echo the vocabulary of the functional industrial building.