Museum of Art, Schöllerareal. The Zurich Museum of Art was originally housed in an industrial building on the former Schöller site. The single-storey hall is marked by its heterogeneous roof structure. Roof light strips alternate with pitched roofing and closed spaces. The aim of the architectural intervention was to mirror this roof structure in the newly erected walls and thereby to divide the hall into various areas. The gypsum wall plastering became a sort of second internal shell in front of the existing walls that were in need of renovation. The newly created and well-proportioned rooms provided the peaceful surroundings necessary for art exhibitions. The zenithal light falling through the existing roof lighting provided additional optimal lighting. Following the demolition of the Schöller site the Museum of Art moved further towards the centre of town in the Löwenbrau site.

Andreas Fuhrimann in collaboration with Christian Karrer